20 October 2009

Cycle Chic Music from Finland

Cycle Chic music video from Finland... to the max.

SOMETHING GOLDEN by all girl trio Le Corps Mince de Françoise

Thanks to Kirstine for the link!


Guee said...

these are Jopo bikes, they're like everywhere in Helsinki :)

Anonymous said...

Those bikes look great! I'm just getting back into urban cycling; it looks like this was shot in Los Angeles, and they're trying to embrace the 'midnight ridazz' meme (a fun group ride where a large mass of cyclists ride late at night). That saved screen shot looks like the second street tunnel, where it's tradition for all the cyclists to ring their bells in the tunnel during the ride, i've been told. Could you imagine a group of 500+ cyclists in the tunnel ringing their bells? Oh, wait, just googled that... they're also howling like wolves.

Anyway, I hope they left those bikes in the city; it would be a great addition to the mix.