11 October 2009

Cycle Chic Belgium

Our friends at Cycle Chic Belgium have had a successful campaign worth mentioning. Through their Met Belgerinkel naar de Winkel- campaign, or Ring your Bicycle Bell to the Shop they were encouraging people in Flanders to ride their bikes to the shops, instead of taking their cars.
CycleChic Belgique
The Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck had designed a pannier bag and the campaign, which ran from May 16 to June 20, 2009 managed to get 175,000 people to choose the bicycle to go to the shops. And part of the campaign was a discounted price on the pannier bags. A whopping 16,500 people ordered one.

A cracking result. Well done, Cycle Chic Belgium! Promoting cycling positively and a role model for bicycle advocates everywhere.


kfg said...

". . .managed to get 175,000 people to choose the bicycle to go to the shops . . . A whopping 16,500 people ordered one."


Although it does leave me wondering if it's possible to spray paint panniers flat black.

That's Not My Age said...

but I like Walter's colourful version...

MELI. said...

that is pretty inspiring! love those bright cookie bags, they'd look good in my basket ;)

kfg said...

What can I say, but "There's no accounting for taste"?

It will still be a wonderful thing if even only half of them end up getting used on a regular basis.

Kurt Kinetic Trainer said...

Not my taste but if they ride, they ride.