15 October 2009


Paris Standing Room Only
A cobblestone series from the everchic streets of Paris last week. Stand and Deliver in style.
Paris Cobblestone
Trés parisien.
Paris Cool


anna said...

I don't like cobblestones so much. When they are wet or icy, they are so slippery and car drivers always tend to breathe down my neck when I slow down... Plus, the ones in the center of Vienna have HUGE gaps which almost cause a fall by looking at it (and I know people who actually fell, even in dry weather).

Well, but they look nice. And on a bike lane or with little traffic in my neck I don't mind them at all :). If they are well maintained like on the pics they are not dangerous either.

Kim said...

I with Anna on this one...

Scott said...

Well, I guess there is one advantage to cycling in the USA. We're too young to have many cobblestone streets.

Anonymous said...

'stand and deliver'... Help!! The unsolicited, cringeworthy Adam Ant memories are coming back to haunt me... ;o)


Kojah said...

Merci à toi de nous soutenir, la vie cycliste n'est pas si rose partout !
(Manqué d'une journée à La Rochelle)

Colville-Andersen said...

Merci à toi aussi. Je sais que le monde n'est pas parfait, mais les roses sont en fleur. :-)

Anonymous said...

We have just got the same bike share system in Dublin , just a month now and already it looks as if is making a diffrence. Lots of people using it
People in everday clothes using a bike as quick clean stylish transport. As for cobbles I vote with Anna on that I,m very fond of Mr Macadem