13 October 2009

Autumn Fibers

Autumn Fibers
The chill is upon us. Chilly, but sunny autumn days. Around 6 or 7 degrees with a wind chill down to freezing. Perfect big sweater/chunky scarf weather.

Lonely Coffee Bike
And perfect hot coffee weather, too. Just glide on up and order.


Anonymous said...

Was just thinking this morning on my way to work, that it was time to pull out the wool clothing again.

And my morning coffee tasted soooo good after riding 20 min in the dark in cold drizzle.

Note to self: need to get some good gloves before it gets much colder.

Urbanplannercyclisthousebuilderetc... said...

I pass this guy every morning and he looks like he could use some of his own coffee...
Maybe I should buy him a cup!?