30 September 2009


Yup, time for the all the woolly stuff again. Morning temp today 8 degrees celcius.

Just to say goodbye to the bit of indian summer we had though, I give you this:


Klaus Mohn said...

dude's giving the look in pic 1! And pic 2... love it. My gf looks just like that on her bike, but in a more 80's way... threatening like a square-shouldered vixen. Her bike's not as nice as this lady's though.

bronsont said...

Wonder if you'll get a shot of Barack and Michelle out on a bike? Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Marsha said...

Autumn - the perfect biking season! Beautiful pics.

Gratistotal said...

mike, have you seen yet our spanish members of the IOC?(MADRID 2016!)

BadBeard said...

We had our first really cold morning today. Baltic!

Anonymous said...

Love Autumn shots.

Awesome photos as always Lars!
When do get to see the Large versions of your latest?