8 September 2009


Copenhagen SUV
The Copenhagen version of the SUV moves gently and elegantly through traffic.
Shopping Basket Dog
Copendoggie enjoying the ride.


Unknown said...

Looks like he stole a basket from the Netto supermarket. I know these baskets are not cheap..

Colville-Andersen said...

not cheap? made in china in the millions. i bet they cost about 25 cents each.

i think the ones from Fakta are nicer


Unknown said...

25c are you kidding me?? 10 $ would be my estimate. And even if they only costed 1 $ it is still stolen goods.

Colville-Andersen said...

A supermarket chain would not pay $10 for a basket from an Asian factory.

There are hundreds of thousands of baskets in Denmark alone, that would hardly be cost effective.

A simple bicycle bell costs about 10 cents from the factory. There are moving parts and a combination of metal and plastic.

A plastic basket like this one is really only about 25 cents when you buy in bulk.

And since supermarkets just tend to discard them when they are worn and dirty, I think that recycling is a good option. Especially when they are put to good, practical use.

Anonymous said...

Someone: Put out an APB on a guy with a tat and a dog and unfortunate socks. Then report back to Jacob.


Colville-Andersen said...

APB: A Pinched Basket.

Otto Cilindri said...

"And your little dog too!"

kfg said...

Insert your own tasteless Chinese Takeout joke here: