18 September 2009

Sydney Cycle Chic

Here's a little splash of Cycle Chic from Down Under.
Sydney Cycle Chic, indeed. Nice. Thanks to Candycranks.

You may recall the story about Sue, the cyclist in New South Wales who is fighting a ticket for cycling without a helmet. She's getting ready for court and defending herself on the grounds of 'necessity'. You can see a little film about it here. Go Sue!


l' homme au velo said...

Nice Pictures,Beautiful Girls. Good Luck to Sue Abbott ,I hope she can Influence the Government to change their Point of view and get Rid of a Bad Law.

André said...


sirvan said...

Nice pics. A gorgeous ladies on their bike.

Emory said...

The second girl has a flat tire. Not just flat but about to fall off the rim.

Michael said...

Great that you found Sue Abbott's story and thanks to Mikael for first bringing her to my attention.

We have a second film now, the story of what happened when Sue finally had her miserable day in court.


Now, the unquenchable lady is going to appeal. Lets hope her story breaks beyond the beautiful bounds of blogs.

Sue's helmet opposition arrives in a timely way, just as it's becoming clear to several Australian cities, that we probably cant have real bike share schemes, like those Velibs in Paris and the Bixis in Montreal, and compulsory helmets too.

I predict we are going to have to choose. And since the rest of the world, pretty much, has found that they can stay safe without helmets, (that is, if there is some serious infrastucture spending) then maybe it'll soon be time to join them.