14 September 2009

Imminent Longshadow Days

Dreamy Evening Light
I don't wish to see the end of summer. Yes, I'm living in the wrong country. However there are a number of aesthetic elements to the autumn, if you choose to see them. The impossibly long Nordic shadows, for one. Dreamlike extensions of ourselves. Whether they tag along behind or they lead the way.
Two Strangers
They're not here quite yet. We'll have to wait a month or so for their arrival.

Lovely Lady Longshadow
Cyclist Shadows
Longshadow Chasing
Dual Shadowism


Steve and Michelle said...

thanks for cheering me up with your lovely take on life and cycling.
I had a sh!t cycle to work involving a collision with an iPed who tried to blame me for his aimless wanderings in the road!

I want to move to Copenhagen!

Niki said...

Dear Mikael, I'm a new Danish resident and I would like to know what size of bike fits a person that is 1m58?

Thank you.

Txell said...

beautiful pictures, amazing light!
we use to want what we don't have...i'm sick of the hot spanish weather...

craig said...

I've been enjoying the long shadows and last gasp of summer at our little river beach in the mountains of western canada. Thanks for sharing yours!

Kristin Tieche said...

These shots are stunning! Especially the first!

William said...

@Niki, the size of bike you should have doesn't only depend on your height - it also depends on how long your legs are in relation to your upper body.
When you go to an actual bikeshop, they should be able to measure your size and recommend you a bike.

In short, your inseam x 2/3 = the frame-size (in cm)
(There are other things to take into consideration, though.)

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks all.

nikki, just go into a bike shop, find a bike you like and ask the guy if it fits you. he'll say yes or no. read how easy it is right here

welcome to denmark!