28 September 2009

Gentlemen Cyclists in Budapest

Budapest Cycle Chic Businessman
Okay, ladies, I don't know how Hungarian men rate in the global sexy lists, but I was pleasantly surprised to see decent amounts of dapper chappies in suits or nice clothes on the streets of the Hungarian capital. Above is a man riding home on the bike lanes with his suit jacket hanging off his backpack.
Budapest Mobile
This chap was taking part, rather absentmindedly it seems, in a Kidical Mass - a bike ride for kids and families before the main Critical Mass bike celebration ride.
Budapest Interpretation
This is was my voice in Hungarian. He was the interpreter at the conference making me sound good in a foreign language. Hopefully.
The President
This gentlemen is legendary. Laszlo is the president of the Hungarian Cyclists' Federation and my god is he ever inspiring to talk to. So passionate about mainstreaming cycling in Hungary and promoting cycling positively.
Budapest Cap
Here's a gentleman in his 'kippah' rolling confidently through the streets.
Peter and Troels from COWI
Here's a Dane on the right, my colleague Troels, who was also speaking at the conference. One of Denmark's most experienced traffic planners for bicycles, together with his Hungarian counterpart, Peter.

And here's yours truly in a demonstratively slow exhibition of Style Over Speed doing a lap at the Millenaris Velodrome. Slow Bicycle Movement indeed.


Niki said...

Maybe you should take pictures of hot Danish men biking in Copenhagen :D

denparser said...

Wew. are they not afraid using cellphone while driving a bike?

dves said...

Of course if you know your personal capacity in using those vehicle.

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Txell said...

mikael, i'm thinking that it would be interesting to create a global sexy list of bike users...as a cool-bike-hunter i think that you should start it ;)

aronman said...

great sets!

cheers from bp,

Txell said...

troels andersen! we invited him last year in our bike congress here in bcn

Lisa T said...

That second picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

There is acutally a site for hungarian cycle chic (http://cyclechic.blog.hu/) with lots of cool and casual ppl.

(it's not my blog or anything, just to let you know)


Kristin Tieche said...

Magyar emberek hihetetlen├╝l szexi!