2 September 2009

Find Yourself in Copenhagen

Simple, really. I pointed the camera out the window for 45 minutes one morning. From about 08:00. It was mostly for my own anthropological aims, but I figured I'd whip it into a film. It's long - 14 min - but I put some nice music on. Four different tracks. And here's the funny thing. The vast variety of citizens on bicycles here is always amazing. All age and wage brackets. Truly universal.

Which cyclist reflects who you are or how you ride - or you would ride if you did? Maybe not everyone can see themselves reflected in the Copenhagen bicycle culture but I'll bet that many can. There's over 420 to choose from.

Watch the film and let us know in the comments. I think I'm a combination of the chap at the front at 3:39 and the chap at 5:10.

While you're at it, here's some fun. Watch out for the following:
- A big bouquet of flowers in the basket.
- Someone eating an apple.
- Some reading on their bike
- A postman

Music: The Cardigans - You're the Storm / Tina Dickow - Room With a View / Mireille Matheiu - Les bicyclettes de belsize / Ibens - Jeg savner min blå blå cykel [I miss my blue, blue bicycle]


MamaVee said...

ha! she's reading while riding a cargo bike!

I'll be her.

Denis said...

Seems, I`m a man at 6.10.. But my girlfriend is not agree... :-))) Seems, she sees me in a different way & appearance *_*

Anonymous said...

Finally--bike helmets! I was beginning to wonder if anyone in Copenhagen wears one (this from someone in the land of spandex where I wouldn't dream of riding without a helmet)

Colville-Andersen said...

yes, i like the woman reading on her cargo bike, too.

nice choice, denis. you'll convince your girlfriend, I'm sure. :-)

Melissa Hope said...

I liked the chic with long hair riding on the sidewalk! That's totally me. I ride on the sidewalk too much because I'm scared! :-)

craig. said...

I love this, like tranporting me from my little office in the woods to your's in the big cool city!

Been listening to the soundtrack all day while working.


Colville-Andersen said...

cool. thanks craig.
and melissa!

Craig said...

By the way, I'm at 5:40, the one with the bike trailer, with my two kids in tow.

leftbanker said...

I have always said that automobiles were the biggest mistake of the 20th century and that bikes—a 19th century invention—are the cure. I doubt if you would see this many people in all of sunny Valencia, España on bikes in the span of 45 minutes. Your street looks like a mix between the peloton from the Tour de France and a New York City subway car.

I’m the guy drinking the martini while riding—if there wasn’t one of those in the video there should be.

Unknown said...

I was glad to see more than normal amounts of helmets out there.

Raven said...

I kept watching till the end to see if there was one better but that's me exactly at 2:41.

Garli said...

Nice film :)
I'm the guy at 11:12
(pedaling quite fast, wear helmet, backpack, rideing on an urbanized mountain bike - it's me)

Gali said...

(big backpack means this:
http://picasaweb.google.com/klorofill/WhatIsInMyBag?feat=directlink :))