17 September 2009

Dapper in New York

Renaud Dutreil, the chairman of the North American unit of the luxury and fashion conglomerate LVMH, on his bicycle in New York, as he does every day.

Read the article Whose Bike Are You Wearing? on the New York Times website, from whence the photo originates.

Renaud is a fine example of how we are slowly but surely giving the bicycle back it's status.


Sean said...

Hats off to Mr. Dutreil! He's a great advertisement for commuting by bike - stylish and with a smile on his face. Hopefully, he'll convert some of his rich, well-connected friends, they'll ditch their Escalades for Gazelles, realize how crummy most of NYC's cycling infrastructure really is, and start lobbying the city government for improvements!

treberden said...

Bad member of the french government !
Good bike rider ;-)
Blaise (almost chic in Paris this morning, but always on a bike)

Sara C. said...

I think this is great, WITH the caveat that the wealthy/influential people who do this should, in fact, really give up their Escalades. Most wealthy people in New York who are into cycling ride bikes for fun on the weekends, but of course they keep a Land Rover for every day getting around. I just rode through SoHo and the west village dodging luxury SUV's - quite possibly the least practical vehicle ever for NYC life.

Anonymous said...

He's not wearing a helmet! That's good!

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