2 August 2009

The Urban Dressing Room

Sweater On
When the bicycle is such an integral part of your life as it is in Copenhagen, you find yourself doing everyday things on or near your two-wheeled transport tool. Stopping at a red light is the perfect time to take your cardigan out of your basket and slip it on if the weather takes a chilly turn.
Jacket Off Jacket On *
Or while you're waiting for a friend outside the train station, adjust your fashionable layers by removing your sweater and putting your jacket back on.
Rain Change
The chap on the right is using his red light moment to slip on a jacket as a slight rain starts to fall.
Things to do at a red light
Or you can just hop off your bike at the red light, remove your jacket and secure it with your bag on the back rack.
Bornholm Rolling Jacket Removal
Nobody says you have to been stationary. Danes can do pretty much anything on bikes as this lady shows us. Taking off her jacket while riding through the countryside.
The Sun
And nobody says that you have to put the jacket on the back rack or in the basket. If the heat of the summer gets to you, just hang it on your head.


The Jim Dandy said...

The jacket on the head reminds me so much of Asia when it rains. Lot's of cyclist and scooter riders do that.
Have you ever seen anyone riding with their jacket on backwards to stop the wind?

André said...

Really like this urban dressing room :)

lagatta à montréal said...

I spotted a young woman doing this without stopping some weeks ago, and was in awe. While we have developed admirable cycle chic in recent years, that is not a common skill here. I'm sure she was Danish or Dutch.

I often take off or put on things at stoplights though. In colder weather you'll have shots of people doing that with gloves and hats.

Colville-Andersen said...

haven't seen a backward jacket, nope. damn. something missing from my archives! :-)

Anneke said...

But then again, a backward jacket isn't really fashionable, is it?

I frequently put on/take off my jacket or cardigan on my bike, or when my feet hurt I take of my shoes and just cycle on bare feet. It's really no big accomplishment. As long as you can cycle with one hand (and come on, who can't?) and you have some balance (and who cycles without that?) you'll be fine. Sure practise in holding jackets with you teeth, and shaking sleeves off your arms, but once that's over you're a learned cyclist! ;)