23 August 2009

Red Light Poise and Grace

Red Light Poise
Waiting for red light in Copenhagen can easily become an exercise in poise and grace. There's no hurry. The light will change soon enough and being in a hurry is sooo 1990's. Keep your foot down, girl. It signals not only style but power.
Left Turn Poise
Let the cars have their run. Your turn is coming up shortly. The cute little bicycle traffic light on the left turn lane of the bicycle lane will soon turn green and you'll be scooting over the Copenhagen Blue in no time.


watzabatza said...


Try to race and your get chase by the Police officers.. :-)

Monika Poppy said...

cycles are cool

I love that gun ringt...LOVE


Sean said...

Helmets stir a lot of debate on this blog, but here in New York, I don't hear much talk about them. Some riders wear them while others do not. I don't witness much finger pointing either way.

More heated debate surfaces over cyclists obeying traffic rules, especially stopping at red lights. In reality, most riders don't stop, including the cycle chic crowd. The result is some sad accidents, near misses, and a lot of resentment from pedestrians and motorists.

From this blog and what I saw for myself while visiting Copenhagen, most Danish riders seem to obey traffic laws. What's your secret? Surely, it isn't enforcement as police can't be everywhere. I imagine it's something in the culture.

kfg said...

In both cultures. On the American side it's a bit complicated, but on the Danish side I think it's pretty straight forward:

They ("They" being all of them, whether on a bike or in a car; which is which being a matter of happenstance as "They" might be "Us" later in the day) know bicycles are vehicles and that cyclists are vehicle operators. And they act accordingly.

In NY the cyclists themselves do not. They may think of themselves as inferior to motor vehicles, or in the case of the eco-minded superior to motor vehicles, but only rarely as just another sort of vehicle coequal with all the others.

In "classless" America cycling is a class issue, with different perceived rules for different classes.

Anonymous said...

WHERE CAN I GET THOSE PANTS?? (last picture) please, someone help me out!!!!! she is too cute

Kapitan said...

That dainty shoe and slim leg would have given me pause, were I at that intersection. Nom nom nom!

Constantin Gabor said...

Indeed the lady has style with her foot down! Great blog!