27 August 2009

Lego Cycle Chic

A dapper Dane in regular clothes on a sensible bicycle. With his briefcase on the back rack no less. Friendly smile, good posture and look at how he's ironed those trousers to perfection. What a catch.

Lego and bicycles. Of course. Two Danish institutions. Lego has actually recently launched another set for their ongoing Lego City series that now features a bike/skateboard shop. This figure, above, is included.

Lego Cycle Chic
I'm so pleased, simply because this Lego Cycle Chicista, spotted by me at Legoland, is single and looking for a hot, like-minded guy with whom she can pedal about Copenhagen to cafés, cinemas and then back to her place for... um... 'coffee'.

Over at Copenhagenize.com we have a post about all the sets from Lego history that feature bicycles.

Copenhagen cycle chic
And if the frightfully stylish couple hit it off, I'll be out on the streets waiting to document it.


StreetstyleNews said...

First pic: one of the best dressed mr.legos I have seen this season. only his hairstyle could do better! ;-)

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BadBeard said...

Hey Mikael, I found a musical bike rider, of sorts.

Ciao for now,

Rob said...


Lucky folks!

Anonymous said...

Ouch that top tube could take the man out of manhood.

Elaine said...

Too cute!