30 August 2009

Croatia Cycle Chic

Croatia Cycle Chic Croatia Cycle Chic
Our ever intrepid Cycle Chic correspondant Raquel, from the frightfully groovy Spanish fashion blog Gratis Total, was on holiday in Croatia this year. She sent us these shots to allow us, once again, to underline the fact that Cycle Chic is going global, as well as just riding a regular bicycle in normal clothes.
The photo above, at left, is taken in Hvar. The one on the right in Split.
Croatia Cycle Chic
This casual chap was seen in Hvar.
Croatia Cycle Chic
We're loving the plastic bag on the seat. A Copenhagen classic. As seen in Mali Ston.
Thanks for the current update, Raquel!

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Gratistotal said...

thanks again and again!!!

cycle chic around the world!