9 July 2009

Summer Holiday One Shots - Supermum

One shots for your enjoyment while Cycle Chic is on holiday.


Biking Paige said...

This is such a great site, and very inspirational for my own blog. I just added you to my blogroll. Thanks so much for all the photos.

Kelvin said...

I suppose even the best of us might be tempted (especially if they regularly visit this blog!), but please, do not rudely catcall the beautiful women on bicycles. Even if she's a gorgeous supermum.

As a guy, I feel that I should do something to combat such heinousness. Perhaps riding in a dress to show some solidarity for my sisters?

Jenny! said...

Kelvin, please do! You will enjoy the breeziness. In fact, let's start an alternative to the naked bike ride: the skirt bike ride, for males and females, to raise awareness of the normality of riding bikes in skirts.

Anonymous said...

@Kevin I think it goes for women in dresses as for the whole helmet safety thing. There's safety in numbers. If I as a copenhagener should rudely catcall all the beautiful women on bicycles I would do nothing else all day. I'm not saying that there aren't any loud sexist fools in Copenhagen, but if anything you're more spared riding a bike than walking. I think, but I'm a not so beautiful man in pants, so what do I know.


Kelvin said...

Jenny, I think I just heard the collective gasp from the spandex crowd at the thought of enjoying a breeze.