15 July 2009

Summer Holiday One Shots - Cycle Chic Classics

Girl Executing Right Turn
A Cycle Chic Classic. Girl executing right turn.


justin said...

I need to move to CPH for awhile, love the women and the bike forward culture

Unknown said...

thats lovely, she's so chilled about it all

Anonymous said...

The Fashion Spot used this photo in an article entited:" How to look Stylish while riding a bike."

Here's the link:

Colville-Andersen said...

It would have been nice and polite if The Fashion Spot actually linked to the photo at it's source, either here or at flickr.

and what about crediting the photographer?

Anonymous said...

It's a little hypocritical of them not to at least credit the source of this picture, because in the TFS Forums, they have a policy: " Sources / Credits for all Images Required." They will delete posts (and its pictures) if they are not credited. I wonder if you send them a note if they would delete their own article.

The policy is a Thread at this Link:


I don't know how to contact them, and you can't post to their forums unless you are a member, which is by invitation only. They might be a little hard to contact.