22 July 2009

The Leaders

In the Tour de France the riders battle for various jerseys. The yellow jersey is the leader of the race. The polka dot jersey is for the best climber. The green jersey is for the fastest sprinter. The white jersey is for the best young rider.

Here's the Copenhagen version. Starting with The Yellow Jersey.
Queen of the Mountains.

Bikebrella *
The Green Jersey.

White a Minute
The White Jersey.


Kate said...

A great tribute to the tour. Is the "yellow" trying to rival the American's fancy pansy clothes?!

André said...

Well done ;)

George said...

I believe you're missing red for 'most aggressive' ;)

Colville-Andersen said...

you're right, George, but the rider who wins that each day just gets to wear his start number with red digits the day after, so there's no jersey involved.

but thanks!