21 July 2009

Le Tour de Elegance

Neck and Neck
On the highways and byways of France these days, a group of men are riding towards Paris. It's often neck and neck in the pelaton. However, Copenhagen can offer the same experience. Slower, better dressed, but neck and neck all the same.
Neck and Neck
Cycle sport is great, but these are the real cycling heroes/heroines.


Anonymous said...

I think I prefer the Danish version ;-)

Anonymous said...

Less steroids too.

Txell said...

And less lycra, that's sure!

Kate said...

Any cyclist is my hero, even if it isn't the Tour.

Anonymous said...

I wished my city in Toronto Canada had bike lanes this wide! Heck I wished we HAD bike lanes! they are few and far between mostly in a few streets in the downtown area, uptown it's almost suicidal cause the majority drives and they are reckless sometimes!