4 July 2009

Guest Photos From Anchorage, Alaska

Now it's not every bloody day we get guest photos from Alaska! So we're well chuffed to be able to post these two shots from Ms. Hansen [Danish name, of course!] who wrote:

Here are a couple photos from my birthday bash last weekend. My girlfriend Ashley and I took our sexy cycles out on the town in Anchorage, Alaska. I like to think these nights of going out on sexy bikes will make more people want to get to and fro on two wheels once they see how fabulous it can be! Thanks for always being an inspiration;)

Who is more of an inspiration is hard to see after viewing these shots. You're doing and you're doing it in style, girls. Well done! Thanks so much for letting us in on your Anchorage Experience.


WestfieldWanderer said...

I guess that it's not entirely a coincidence that just after publishing a picture of a man sporting a Sarah Palin T-shirt that we see an entry from Alaska!

Colville-Andersen said...

haha well spotted! i didn't even notice that myself! and the day after she resigned, allegedly.