5 July 2009

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes to London

Broadway Market Morning 01
Ol' London Town. Hackney, to be precise. On my recent visit to London there was ample time for London Cycle Chic shots, watching the morning bicycle traffic roll past.
London Cycle Chic  Afternoon 02
I'm going on holiday with Wifealiciousness, The Felix and Lululicious tomorrow so I'll post London shots and Cycle Chic Classics while I'm gone.
London Cycle Chic 16
Lovin' London in the meantime.


Andy Kerr said...

Bike 2 in that montage is as cool as it comes... I remember when I had one of them... 30 year old polish number, 3 speed hub shifter... those were the days.

WestfieldWanderer said...

London? London, England?
My word!
This IS good to see.
There really must be hope for us in Britain after all.

townmouse said...

London was stuffed with bicycles when I was there last week. Could have just been the heatwave plus hangover from the tube strike, but nice to see all the same. We're getting there...

Su-Lin said...

Bike 2 appears to be a retro folder of some kind! Love em! (love em so much I bought one secondhand!)

Shelly said...

Bike number two is the best...!!!
I want one.