28 July 2009

Bicycles in Danish Films

Back in 2003 an indiefilm I directed saw the light of day. Zakka West is the name.

The bicycle has featured prominently in literature, poetry and song in Denmark since it was invented. This continues to this day with pop songs featuring the bike, as well as films and television shows. For example, a popular-ish tv series featuring a female cop has her cycling to the police station each day and picking up her son at kindergarten on the back seat of the bike. The bike is not mentioned at all, it's just a true representation of how Copenhageners get around.

Not surprisingly, Zakka West featured a Copenhagen city bike - Bycyklen - in the climactic scene where Oliver has to cycle around the Vesterbro neighbourhood looking for Lulu in order to declare his love for her.

A lot of the footage for the film was shot from a cargo bike, too. A Copenhagen version of the dolly.

The entire film is available for viewing here. It's feature length and not in the best quality, but it's a sentimental little thing.


Gildardo said...

I´ve seen the entire movie, I really like it. It´s nice to see bicycles on films and get some inspiration on that. The love story it´s ok too, and the girl is really pretty for that character.

Greetings from México, we like to read and see everything at Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

Txell said...

me too i've seen the film. i really liked the colour of the film, the texture and the light and, of course, the naïvity of the characters. i like the idea of the danish version of the dolly.

mad said...

Great film! It makes me say "this is Copenhagen!" The image is very good. Thou I am not sentimental/romantic, the film sends a good message.