8 June 2009

Style Over Speed Advert

Style over speed in best Copenhagen Cycle Chic style in this bottled water advert from... Poland, I believe.

It's classic Cycle Chic also in a historical perspective. From the very invention of the bicycle, women featured prominently in adverts for bike brands. Often gliding elegantly past exhausted men or men with punctures. It's bicycle advertising for dummies, with 120 years behind it. It's what we need more of instead of silly terminology and silly profiteering and overcomplicating a simple issue.

Here's a link to the tag The Cycling Girl - A Cultural Icon where we have a number of posts about that most Danish of icons - Cykelpigen or Cycling Girl.


Lovely Bicycle! said...

I think it gloriously funny that a bottled water advert will sell more bicycles than an actual bike ad!

Lynn said...

And hopefully it will sell more bicycles than bottled water.

Anonymous said...

Not really style over speed. The stylish girl in the ad was cycling faster than the men.

barberry_me said...

hello, I'm from Poland, and yes, it's a Polish advert:) The woman was cycling not neccessarily faster but with less effort - cycle chic!