15 June 2009


Wifealiciousness - Felixio  -Bullitt
Wifealiciousness and The Boy Wonder, Felix, on our Bullitt cargo bike by Larry vs Harry.

And if you're in Dublin this week, why do you go for a bike ride on Wednesday? Dublin City Cycle, in conjunction with National Bike Week. Read more right here.


The Funky Drummer said...

What a great blog. I wish the UK had such a developed cycle chique!

Loving those lovely Danish ladies on their bikes.

Keep snapping!

Jason Tinkey said...

i saw a mom cruising in a larry v. harry bullitt with four kids in the box in CHICAGO last week! almost crashed as i did a double-take.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments.

although Jason, four kids in a Larry vs Harry is a squeeze. it might have been another brand of two-wheeled cargo bike?