3 June 2009

Italian Cycle Chic Music Video

From Tokyo to Italia for a brief moment. My mate Giorgio sent me this link to an Italian music video by Ill Traversa called La Graziella.

It's an amusing little song, not my taste, but the chorus goes like this:

"passo a prenderti con la graziella, dai che andiamo a prendeci una piada con la nutella"
"I'll take you out with my bicycle and we'll have a nice meal together"

'Graziella' is a popular foldable bike, 'piadina' is a typical flat bread from the area between Rimini and Bologna and Nutella is... well... Nutella.

The 'actress' is Elena Grimaldi, who you all know, I'm sure, for her work in adult films.

There's bicycles, dresses and heels. Just like a summer's day in Copenhagen.


Sean said...

My new favorite song!

Right up there with http://chrisdaneowens.com/video/Shine_large.html

lagatta à montréal said...

Does anyone have any info on the "Amica" Italian folder?
http://montreal.fr.craigslist.ca/bik/1203475442.html (link will of course no longer work when Amica is sold).

I thought she looked so cute, but don't know whether she is practical. That is Canadian $$$ of course, not very expensive.

I can't view videos on my computer so will look at it later.

La bicicletta è bellissima!

Anonymous said...

when it comes to italy, adult films and (of course) bicycles, this is totally chic beginning of tinto brases film monella.