8 June 2009

I Love Yu, Harajuku.

Tokyo Socks
This girls OWNS her personal style utterly and completely. Respect.
Tokyo Solo
Stylish knickerbockers on the move.
Carry all Tokyo.
Launching into Traffic
My favourite moment. The launch. The bicycle set into motion. This time, Tokyo style. Heading off into traffic.

All shots from Harajuku, Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Tiny little Japanese chick rocking a cowboy mount for the kawai!!!

Unknown said...

Japan's the coolest!

Darren Alff said...

I thought I would show you my "Copenhagen Chic" inspired piece at: http://bicycletouringpro.com/lifestyle/2009/06/swiss-cyclists-a-photo-essay/

It features a bunch of Swiss cyclists in various Swiss cities.