7 June 2009

Guest Photos: Chicago, Greece, Toronto

As ever, I'm dreadfully behind on the guest photo front. Thanks to everyone who sends them and I'm sorry if I forget to post them. Above is Malama from Greece. The first guest photo from Hellas! Nice one. Looking sharp and lovely.

David Jensen on his Kronan in Chicago. Danish name, Swedish bicycle. We're loving it.

Dapper as hell.

And this one was sent in by another David, this time in Toronto. Angella in her splendid green dress on her bicycle named 'Bicyclette'.


Dottie said...

Very nice, David! If you don't already know about it, I officially invite you to attend Chicago's upcoming stylish ride:

Summer Babes and Elegant Bachelors:

A stylish bicycle tour of Chicago's retro cocktail patios
to a soundtrack of classic jazz

Saturday June 27, 6 pm
Wicker Park Fountain, 1425 N. Damen
No registration fee; all are welcome

Required: necktie and/or sports jacket for gentlemen
Recommended: beautiful city bikes and vintage cruisers

You'd fit in quite nicely.

2whls3spds said...

Love how Angella's dress is colour coordinated with her bike! Two thumbs up!


kerri said...

i am also loving the colour co-ordination !gorgeous xxx

David said...


How pleasant to meet another Chicago cyclist with chic passion. Glad you dig the photos.

Thanks for the heads up about the race! I'll be there with (bike) bells on. I'm always searching out fun rides in the midwest and this one sounds right up my alley. I'll see you there!

p.s. - i LOVE Let's Go Ride a Bike. super fun! Rest assured, I'll be passing your blog along to friends.

recycled android said...

first time poster and i had to comment on the last pic.

im in love with the girl in the green dress...


Scott said...


I'm pretty sure I met you and your Kronan at the Foodsmart on Armitage near Humboldt a few months ago. Glad to see it's getting some use; a deck whip, for sure!

Scott said...

That style ride sounds fun, Dottie. I will try to turn up. I love how the comment section of CCC is connecting up Chicagoans.

ps. thanks Mikael!

David said...


i do recall the conversation. you should definitely do the Wicker Park dapper ride. i know i'll be there.

indeed. hooray for chicago cyclists coming together!

Dottie said...

David and Scott, I'll expect to see you both there. Stay tuned for more details on bars and the route. John from Vote with your Feet is doing most of the work. Mikael, sorry to hijack your comments :)

Colville-Andersen said...

this isn't hijacking! this is the Cycle Chic café! Come on in, have a seat, have a chat. It's great!

Unknown said...

That's a fabulous bike there that David is riding! And he looks very good on it, nice suit and glasses!