26 June 2009

Cycle Chic Goes to London On Monday!

It's been far too long but I'll finally be returning to London, this time in Cycle Chic service.

I'll be shooting a photo gig on Monday and Tuesday but on Monday evening, Andrea from Velorution is putting on a cosy little event at 19:00.

Read the post over at Velorution for more info.

- Presentation by Mikael Colville-Andersen, blogeur extraordinaire of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize
- Display of London cycle chic by Cyclodelic and TwonFro.
- Sneak preview of photographic exhibition of Danish bicycles by Richard Nolan-Neylan
- Smorgabords by the Scandinavian Kitchen.

Tickets are £6.00. Starts at 19:00.

It'll be great to hook up with readers in London! Hope to see you there! And thanks to Velorution for whipping up an evening on short notice.


townmouse said...

Oh! I am in London too, but not sure if I'll be able to make it ... enjoy yourself & I hope you get to spend some time on a bike. London's not Copenhagen, but we're getting there.

Shame you couldn't organise a 'meet Mikael' ride somewhere ... maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

Why Velorution! It is a shame that this exciting and overdue opportunity be bestowed upon this store.

The owner is hardly an ambassador for cycling when he glibly remarks 'dark-skinned immigrants do not cycle and that lowers the standards of the nation' amongst other insipid comments.

I understand freespeech and all that, but we are judged by our words and with the privelege there ought to be responsibility, or at least a modicum of thought.


Saying that the staff are generally friendly, alas the head is the face of the company.

tartan socks said...

Hope to be there........to thank Mikael for his wonderful blog.
MJ...rest in peace.

dyrlægen said...

aaargh! no! can't make it!
dreadfully sorry and all that.
next time.