1 June 2009

Cycle Chic Charleston - They Understand the Concept

Some people have just completely and utterly understood the Cycle Chic concept. This fabulous little Cycle Chic video is from Kristin at Charleston Cycle Chic in the States. Pure brilliance. Thanks so much for taking Cycle Chic to heart, Kristin!

And you know Cycle Chic is going mainstream when the greasy, cheesy New York Post writes about it.

I've just returned from 6 days of Cycle Chic in Japan and 4 days of Cycle Chic in Moscow so I'm a bit behind in posting and I have a massive number of photos and videos to get through so bear with me.

Regardin the RSS feed, I've reset it to be a full feed but I just can't figure out why it isn't working.


Ms K said...

While I certainly like this new "trend" part of me is still completely amazed that it is a "trend". Growing up I bicycled to school in my regular clothes and on Sundays in summer I would bike to church in sundresses and miniskirts. I used to have a 3-speed (later a 5-speed) bike and everybody else in my pretty bike-friendly small town in Austria would bicycle just like that. There are even pics of my friends and me riding from Passau (Germany) to Vienna along the Danube wearing regular clothes. One of the girls was even wearing a dress. (this was 1992)

Then, years ago I noticed a new "trend": suddenly you'd only see people bicycling on weekends, exclusively on bike routes and everyone was wearing full bike gears with bike shorts, gloves, helmets, etc. I started to wonder "What happened to just riding to the next town for ice cream? Or to the supermarket?" It seemed like you needed this whole equipment.

I don't know if this ever happened in Copenhagen...

Right now in my town it seems that the the only people riding in their regular clothes are students or older ladies (I remember we had some teachers growing up who would always ride their bikes wearing narrow skirts) - and a few of my friends and me. I hope this "new" trend, which for me is the way it always was and should have been, reaches my hometown again. Although I kind of enjoy the looks I get when I ride my cruiser in a dress ;)

BTW: Love your blog. I visited CPH for the first time last weekend and it was just what I had been hoping for - and all those bikes! Pretty!

Aaron T. Richardson said...

Where are the men, Charleston? Looks like a women's PTA ride.

Unknown said...

Wow, a beautiful city with great cycling potential.

Morten Lange (Reykjavík) said...

Hi Mikael,

Just wanted to point out this article from Reuters. Sadly no pictures (yet). But with fashion household names onboard ( Louis Vuitton, DKNY and more), we should be seing photos later, at least when they announce the winner of the cycle attire contest.

New Yorkers get on their bikes in style ( 3.June 2009)

And the mayor(s) are in on it : New York should have not only the most bicyclists, but the most stylish ones as well," Patti Harris, the first deputy mayor of New York, told a news conference.

Promoting bicycling is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's agenda to create a greener, bike friendly and car-free New York.

Anonymous said...

Full feed? Great, I am going to resub right now.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, nothing but titles and an excerpt. I'm going to unsub right now.