12 June 2009

Copenbrellas in Rainyhagen

Heels and Brolley
The weather yesterday and today is dreadful. Shockingly crap. Pathetically ridiculous. Bleh.
Bicycle Brolley Coasting
But luckily, the bicycle umbrellas bloom!
Red Umbrella Suit Launch Moment
A classic Cycle Chic Launch moment... this time in a suit with a red umbrella.
Well-Dressed Umbrella Cycling
Bicycle Brolley Holder
While in Japan I bought an umbrella holder that attaches to your bicycle, enabling you to carry it when it isn't raining. Just need to figure out how to mount the damned thing...


Lovely Bicycle! said...

Is there a way to clip the umbrella directly onto the bicycle when it's open?

I just bought a huge black umbrella with ruffled edging, and I want to push the eccentric angle to the max once I return to Boston.

Anonymous said...

I just strap my umbrella to the top of my back rack if it looks like it might be rainy (I keep it in my panniers otherwise), and I can just wiggle it out when stopped at a light or something if I need to. I get some pretty funny looks when riding with an umbrella, but also some pretty big smiles :)

Scott said...

I haven't had good luck riding in Chicago with an umbrella. My knees still get wet.

don said...

I could never hold an umbrella here in San Francisco -- I'd be killed trying to do that and stay alive in traffic. At least you have fewer cars to worry about in Copenhagen. LOL

There's a good article on www.bikepartsplace.com about riding in a city -- how to stay safe, what type of bike to use, best type of handles, etc.

Check it out: http://www.bikepartsplace.com/articles/bike-riding-in-the-city/

Wilma Flanagan said...

Would that umbrella holder work to hold a cane for a disabled cyclist, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Check out Nubrella

Its like a bubble that fits over your head, fills up with steam and then you crash.

Colville-Andersen said...

lovely bicycle: you really need to click on through to Drybike.nl for an open umbrella holder

don: that article says it is a guide for "agressive" riding in the city. Not something us aesthetes here at Cycle Chic are familiar with. :-)

Dutch Girl: it would be perfect and brilliant for that.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

Thank you so much for the Drybike link -- just what the streets of Boston need!

YoMomma said...

And on the seventh day, God invented gortex jackets.

Anonymous said...

Quote from the article on the benefits of aggressive riding in the city:

". . .you can break more quickly. . ."


Christian said...

HA! I just saw that umbrella holder in a Japanese store here in Seattle. To bad no one uses umbrella's here.

Otto Cilindri said...

I imagine an umbrella in Seattle would rot, from all the moisture.

I once found a stool equiped with an umbrella holder. Was a folding sort of thing, two legs per side, that opened away from a third cane leg, and they awere all adjustable for height and you had a springy arms that you could adjust for angle and tension to hold the umbrella. Too heavy for an effective cane, couldn't walk with it.

(The umbrella holder seemed to be adaptable to a set of upright handle bars.) I got rid of the stool, kept the umbrella, but eventually decided that it was a cheap umbrella and Disposed of it as well. Still have the cane portion.

I eventually found the Swedish 3 legged Aluminum/nylon stool that is rated at 550lbs (Walkstool XL?), and a padded nylon strap from an M60 Machine gun to carry it over my shoulder. That is VERY convenient.

Wish there was a way to adapt the super-big green golf umbrella to the stool.

Jen said...

What a timely piece. I was just trying to figure out how to rig my umbrella when it started to rain on Thursday.

Kate said...

Cycling while holding an umbrella must be a bit tricky!

Colville-Andersen said...

it's not much different than cycling with a hot coffee or a mobile phone.
or cycling while you hold onto your bag of groceries on the back rack.

Henry said...

I have a coffee cup holder, and find that my umbrella with a curved handle fits perfectly. It will not jump out on bumps because its length.