21 May 2009

Red Light Moments in Amsterdam

A potpourri of Amsterdammers at a red light.
Different kinds of rides at the red light.
Why Not
Cool bike.

Regarding the RSS saga... I put the feed back on FULL several days ago. But many of you are saying it doesn't work. Any bright ideas out there? I use blogger, as you know, and feedburner. Please assist. The customers are almost always right, some of the time... :-)


M'dame Jo said...

The title of the post is quite ambiguous...

Unknown said...

I'd guess that was the intention! Lots of blue hues in the pics, some of the style in this and the last few posts is really amazing. I carry a big ol lock around with me too, they'd take ANYTHING not bolted down in this city!!!

cosmin popan said...

Hi, my name is Cosmin Popan and I am writing for a urban bike blog (www.portocalamecanica.ro aka clockwork orange in english) in Bucharest, Romania. I like very much your blog and I am visiting it for almost 2 years. As our blog is quite new in town, maybe you did not have the time to check on it. Of course, you will see that you're on our blogroll. Thanks, I hope you like it and maybe we can collaborate in the near future. We intend to do a lot of work in Bucharest, which, for the moment is not a very bike friendly city. But with the price of the gas, a lot of people are beginning to reconsider using bikes on a daily basis.

Thank you and good luck

Country Fuckin' said...

Thanks again for continuing to deal with the RSS feed deal.

In other news when I saw your headline my twelve year old maturity levels jumped to some hilarious conclusions about red lights and holland... or is that only in Amsterdam?

amsterdamize said...

@Country Fuckin': Red Light Districts can be found all across the Netherlands in many cities (as prostitution is legal and regulated), but of course the one in Amsterdam is the most famous.
PS: 'Holland' is used a lot abroad, but it's not correct and it hasn't been for hundreds of years. There are two provinces, though: Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland (north/south). Just so you know.

Brent said...


I'm delighted that you are following up on the RSS Feed, and yes, it is still not posting full stories.

Two possiblities:
* On blogger.com go to Settings > Site Feed* If Advanced Mode set Blog Posts Feed to Full, if Basic Mode set Allow Blog Feeds to Full.
* Possibly this is set to the concatenated feed. I believe if you go to Feedburner and view My Feeds > Edit Feed Details... the textbox labeled Original Feed: should read http://copenhagengirlsonbikes.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. Or at least that is what it was before you started using feedburner.

Hope this helps. Love your work!

MELI. said...

♥loooove the guy in the red shoes!!!the last pic is adorable too. thanks for my eye candy dose of european boys on bikes. xo/m