6 March 2013

Polish Bloggers Cycle Chic

This is quite brilliant. Quite amazing. Quite humbling.
It's a collage from the cool Polish fashion blog Szafa Sztywniary. While our Polish friends in Krakow, Warsaw, Lodz, Torun and Wroclaw have been waving the Cycle Chic banner high and proud, this collage features Polish bloggers - by and large fashion bloggers - who have all taken a photo involving the bicycle.

What a splendid collection of photos. Szafa Sztywniary got the others to contribute to the collage. Cycle Chic is steadily moving into the mainstream. Thanks to you all. I'm humbled.

And here's a funky Polish animation film featuring a cool cat on a cool bike:


Ryfka said...

Thanks so much for posting our photo! And you totally nailed it with that song :)

Poland loves you, too!

Smile said...

Your Blog is very cool. I like principally the video... =)


m a r c e p a n o w a said...

Fabulous :> Polish stylish women ;D

Lublin Cycle Chic said...

Lublin is cycling in Poland too :) This post is motivation for me for living note on http://lublincyclechic.blogspot.com every single day and generally to extend blog from Lublin :)

Grzegorz :)

Lublin Cycle Chic said...

Please forgive me, but my English is in bad condition ;/

"Lublin is cycling in Poland too" - I mean: Lublin in Poland is cycling too :) I hope that this form is correct :)

Arim said...

Perfectly chosen video! "Rower" means "bike" in Polish (first bikes in Poland were made by british Rover, hence the name - in Polish "w" is pronounced as "v" in English) :-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this video making fun of America? I'm cool with it either way just stating...

Colville-Andersen said...

it seems to be critique of the war in Iraq, not 'America'. There's a difference.

szafa_godzilli said...

Way to go, Polish bloggers! Well done guys! :o)

patsywojt said...

This is a brilliant day to post this pictures from Poland. Especialy for the founding father of the first Polish cycle chic blog - Witek. Take a look why: http://lodzcyclechic.blogspot.com/2009/05/gratulacje-dla-ojca-lcc.html

psyco about the bicycle said...

I have to agree; it seems to be poking fun at the USA. I am not for war but surely somebody agrees with what the coalition forces are trying to do in Iraq.

patsywojt said...

For those who wonder what teh song is about my ill translation. Of course in Polish teh song rhymes a little more:

The bicycle

I am riding my bike to wherever
And my bike is painted pink whatever
So listen Damian, why don’t you pop by and ride with me
Put on something tight to look cool
And we shall pedal from one village to another
So listen Damian, why don’t you pop by and ride with me

Put the flag on the flagpole
Iraq belongs to us
The bicycle is seriously OK
The bicycle is the world

The wild Dog of Pathology – don’t tell me that it is there
And that it can go crazy mad
Cause the bicycle can save us like GROM* the petrol-ade

I think we are both tired of the terror soups
So you deserve a nice dessert cause this war gave you a shock
So listen Damian, why don’t you pop by and ride with me

Put the flag on the flagpole
Iraq belongs to us
The bicycle is seriously OK
The bicycle is the world

Futu futu futu futu

I am a cool biker
My name is TRISH
And this is the vox populi
Cool to the max full and extra
Due to a pile – up
My outfit got a little damaged
And so now I don’t know why I am calling out
Cool to the max full and extra
I call out

I am riding my bike to wherever...

*GROM – Polish special arm forces

Amsterdamize said...

Great collage from Poland, love the video, great statement. It's very clear what it aims at, imho (hello, Mr Bizon). So funny how psyco refers to 'coalition forces' and what they're trying to do (please explain what that is, humor me).

Dutch bike with 'riding gloves', now there's a first...probably for those sweaty hands in the desert...but isn't that a dry heat? :)

psyco about the bicycle said...

Sorry if I stepped on anybody's toes. In my opinion this is should not be a political forum. But please realize that not everyone who rides a bike or follows this blog is a liberal thinker. Lets leave it at that and go on riding our bikes!

Adrienne Johnson said...

F' us if we can't take a joke! I'll say that I would ride a unicycle not a pink Flying Pigeon (better brakes) through a war zone.

The pictures that come in from around the world just go to show how we are more similar than different : )

Unknown said...

Oh come on people, this song isn't recognized in Poland as politically aimed (although most of people don't understand lyrics at all). It's just a great piece of funky music made by Lech Janerka, oldschool punkrocker. If you want to listen politically-biased things you should learn polish and go back to 80's.

amsterdamize said...

@psyco: I hardly feel offended, I was really looking forward to hearing your argument. It's just typical how painfully awkward this topic is (and rightly so). I agree, this blog is not a political forum, but this is a free sphere, I'll wait for Mikael to put it straight when needed..
Because, you know, I'm not the one who said: "...but surely somebody agrees with what the coalition forces are trying to do in Iraq." So, I feel completely at ease responding to this on CCC.
Finally, (whether we continue this or not) please don't assume these liberal/cons labels (USA=not the world), I prefer to follow facts, not ideology.


Christa said...

Nice collage - all the photos look fantastic!

Lena said...

more cycle chic from Krakow: http://www.wolnyrower.com.pl/