11 May 2009

Monday Musings

It's funny... whenever I see a picture of a cool car in an advert or something, my brain will add the sound that I associate with such a car. If it's a Porsche, I can hear the smooth purring/whine of the tuned engine. The senses always work together to complete the big picture.

When I see a photo like this, of a Copenhagener riding a bicycle, my brain doesn't send audio signals. Instead, for some reason, I recieve olifactory sensations. I smell perfume. Or shampoo.

You'd understand if you rode around Copenhagen for a day. Bicycles are scented with fine perfume.

There's the whole The Five Cycling Senses series if your brain wants more input.
Copenhagen Signal
Another classic example of a Copenhagen signal. A vague wave of a couple of fingers.
City Hall Busy
Busy City Hall moment. It's tourist season, so the streets are filled with camera-toting visitors. Copenhagen is the world's third largest cruise ship port, so we get a whole slough of daytrippers content only with taking photos of the sights before heading back to their ship after 4 hours.

The other tourists, who spend more time, tend to blend in more on the urban landscape.


Guilherme Caldas said...

Hey people!
You have such a great blog on Copenhageners commuters and cool bikers, but I miss the pictures at my RSS feed reader.

Best regards from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Denmark is the world's happiest country. It does say truly, madly, deeply, serenely happy if you can go around the city in a bike either for work or leisure. Hip-hip-hooray!

Brent said...

To say I love your site would be an understatement. But please consider a way to subscribe to full posts via RSS. Adverts, a small fee... I really don't care, but if I have to keep clicking to read the full post I dare say the romance will dwindle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous comments about having the pictures in the RSS feeder. I love your pictures but honestly since it's mostly what it is on your blog (one or two pictures with very little text), I don't want to click on a link for that.
Is there a particular reason you are doing it this way now?

Cycle chick said...

I also miss the feed. Please bring it back so I can get my daily cycle chicness. I can't click on links to all the blogs I follow, and the rss is a great way of keeping track.

Fat Lad said...

Please bring back the full feed guys... Others like the Dilbert Blog feed adverts via their RSS

I'll see if this changes in teh next days and well... I'll just unsubscribe :(

Real Shame

Fat Lad

MELI. said...

white chucks rock!! I love that picture, so casual ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely photos but bring back the full RSS feed, thanks!