4 May 2009

Copenhagen Zen

In the purest sense, it's the individual who defines what is zen or not. This may not have been a zen moment for the Copenhagener pictured, but it is for me. Late evening. A bicycle crossing the street. The street is normally quite busy, but in the evenings in Copenhagen, the motorized traffic dies off as the car owners retreat to the suburbs.
Copenhagen Zen Moment
A moment at the red light in the sunshine. Classic nordique. Eyes close. Head tilts towards the sun. A zen moment between person and sunshine.
Business School Chic
Coasting across a city square is always quite zenlicious.


Hans Ditlev said...

I really like your portraits of people on bikes. That postworker has an open face, at the same time ready to roll. Wery zen-like. A zen moment is a finger pointing to the truth as a way of being. If you don't want to stay with the finger, but go where it points, you must deeply relax into that state. Don't define it. It's not a romantic dream.

wet said...

love this entry Mikael. . . .

M'dame Jo said...

I couldn't find a contact email address anywhere so here's a video I would have emailed you ;-)


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, all. lovely.
M'dame Jo... way ahead of you...
the email is on the right column, for future reference.

Adrienne Johnson said...

A Zen moment- the moment when there is no separation between "you" and the "universe". The moment when all is one and we do not fight it. Good moment : )

Derrick said...

Mikael your post on Copenhagen Zen inspired me to send you my blog site for your perusal. www.bykadelic.blogspot.com
Cycling is my t'ai chi. Your postings always are inspiring and speak of the beauty of cycling.Cheers,
Derrick Thornborrow

M'dame Jo said...

Mikael > that's maybe why the video looked so familiar ;-)

(I did look in the right column, couldn't find it. Still don't see it, it's pretty crowded.)

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, derrick!
m'dame jo: under Posts of Note there are four graphics with white backgrounds. one reads:

Guest Photo? Comment? Fire off an email.

and feel free to fire 'em off.

M'dame Jo said...

I get it now, I'm not totally blind yet: that's how it shows in my browser


Colville-Andersen said...

the funny symbols at the bottom should be japanese symbols- they are on my firefox, anyway.

the most important thing is that you now have the email! yay! :-)

gesa said...

mikael! i love your daily rss feed, i got it every morning, the pics have been the perfect start into the day. pics from the best town in the world. please bring back the pics in the feeds!!!!!
greez from berlin, gesa