27 May 2009

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes to Tokyo

Tokyo Cyclists
On the first day in Tokyo we put on a little Cycle Chic event. We being me, the Danish Embassy in Japan, a local café and a hot local clothing shop.

I just wanted to take some portraits of some Tokyo cyclists to compliment the usual flurry of streetstyle shots that will posted later.

Tokyo is a massive cycling city. Outside every train station there is an ocean of bicycles in the racks. What they lack in infrastructure they make up for with a relaxed pace and an emphasis on transport. And style in Tokyo is paramount. A Copenhagener like me feels very much at home.
Tokyo Cyclists
This supermum is French and her obvious choice is a classic 'mamachari' bicycle. This one with electric assist. Mamachari means 'mother chariot' and is the generic term for this unique child transport bicycles. They're cheap, functional and cool.
Tokyo Cyclists
With 12 million people, Tokyo is a whirlwind of styles and fashion angles.
Tokyo Cyclists
This girl uses her bicycle to get to and from school each day.
Tokyo Cyclists
A cool chappie.
Tokyo Cyclists
Totally 'kawai'. I chose her as the winner of a bag of goods from the Hollywood Ranch Market, the clothing shop that helped us out with the event.

Tokyo Cyclists Tokyo Cyclists

Tokyo Cyclists Tokyo Cyclists

Tokyo Cyclists Tokyo Cyclists

Tokyo Cyclists
This guy bought his old West German bicycle in Denmark. He travels to Copenhagen regularly to buy vintage designer furniture.
Tokyo Cyclists Tokyo Cyclists
The owner of the little shopping plaza we used asked me to take a photo of his granddaughter and her friend. Cycle Chic starts early in Japan.

All in all, it was brilliant to meet such lovely people.
Me at Hollywood Ranch Market
Here's me at the Hollywood Ranch Market. Note the Velorbis Scrap Deluxe. The Embassy was good enough to provide me with the same bicycle as I ride in Copenhagen. It is in country in conjunction with the Dreams on Wheels exhibition. Lucky me.
Hollywood Ranch Market
Hollywood Ranch Market. A frightfully splendidly groovy shop in Daikanyama.


raydenzel1 said...

I stop by now and again. You do some amazing stuff. Very interesting bike culture. Wish we were that much into it in the USA.

amsterdamize said...

Beautiful post, Mikael, they're all naturals :). Great to read the little background info, the fun part of a compact event setup so hyggelig :-p

Looking forward to more!

Txell said...

les japonais ont la class!
a beautiful bike like yours waiting for you in the other part of the world...home sweet home ;) really nice pictures! *

my hyggelig said...

I thought I heard someone say hyggelig...♡
Fascinating place Japan. Thanks for posting while you are there. You will be riding a Japanese bicycle or two as well I hope...

And that's one cool gig you got there! Living the dream.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I think it is interesting how cyclists in big cities are starting to look a lot alike. Maybe because SF is so heavily Asian, but any of these riders would be normal here, only the bikes would stand out, and even then, not as much as you might think.

Andy B from Jersey said...

My God! And now they are paying you to go around the world to do this?!?!

Man! I want a job like yours!

Andy B here. Haven't stopped by in a while. I've been busy writing a big report about cycling and it's got to be good enough for John Pucher to sign off on so its gotta' be good.

Man! I'm so jealous.

Kristin Tieche said...

Indeed lucky you! I'm jealous! Great photo shoot, Mikael! When are you coming to SF?

Paddy's Peleton said...

What a great set of Pictures!!! Thanks for sharing

Gratistotal said...

oh mike, you must do it in Madrid??? how can we organize that???do we need sponsors???