19 May 2009

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Waiting
After four days in Brussels - a black hole on the Cycle Chic map - I took the train to visit Marc from Amsterdamize. It was fantastic to return to a real bicycle culture. I felt quite at home.
Amsterdam Hat
I'm still sorting through my photos but figured I'd get a couple up today.
Here's Marc from Amsterdamize. Bloody cyclist got in the way.


stefan said...

A big ouch for Brussels, but I can't deny it. Next time you are around, let me know and I'll show you Antwerp and Ghent.

Kiwehtin said...

Brugge is also a good bike city from what I recall...

amsterdamize said...

It can't be easier sharing a bicycle city than with you...so easy to please! :)

Btw, people can now tell we sat to close together while observing all that chic ;-p.

Enjoy the rest your days until your Big In Japan Tour!

Anonymous said...

I understand forcing people to come from the rss feed to the blog boosts the hits in your stats but honestly I am getting tired enough of this to unsubscribe and simply check in now and then.

You are actually making one of the most common errors in loosing readership.

'Xander Labayen said...

you look great marc.. the cyclist in the photo is a great accessory!

toronto has a long way to catch up in cycle chic, and more importantly cycle safety...

both Amsterdamize and Copenhagen cycle chic help to change the minds of car bound candadian people..

thanks for sharing..

amsterdamize said...

thanks for your kind words, Chiara!