13 May 2009

Boys and Girls

Boy Girls
My boy Felix on his way home from football training with two Copenhagen girls whizzing past in the background.
Kiss Her Even if She Doesn't Have a Bicycle
You can kiss her, even if she doesn't have bike.


dan richards said...

something has changed on your blog where all images since April 25th do not show up in RSS and feed viewers. making it no fun :(

The Hulbert Family said...

Hey I used to live in Denmark and biked a lot. I am back in the U.S.A. now and am looking for the bike lights I used in Denmark. I have found a few brands that are similar but was wondering if you have any tips of ideas.

I used the ones that have an elastic band on them with a small light attached. They were so convenient.

Janel Jorgensen

Matt BK said...

I agree with Dan Richards :-(