22 May 2009

Barcelona Cycle Chic in Brussels

Barcelona Cycle Chic in Brussels
When you're in a city virtually devoid of cycle chic like Brussels, it's bloody handy to know a lovely girl from Barcelona.
Barcelona Cycle Chic in Brussels

CPH bike gang 1
Not to mention cool chappies from the Copenhagen Bike Gang.


Anonymous said...

That second shot in particularly is a great capture
-Nice framing
-Great angles and lines
- and such a nice color palette

Country Fuckin' said...

what is this awesome building?

Megan said...

Totally off-topic (well, not TOTALLY), but this reminded me of you when I saw it the other day:


John said...

i love the color work done in that first image, simply brilliant!!

Kristin Tieche said...

Great photos, Mikael! Is this some kind of High Def technique?

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks. i shoot in RAW format and play with it afterwards...