5 April 2009

Red Scarfs At The Flower Market

Flower Market #1
Passing by the flower stands in Frederiksborggade I sensed that there was some imagerery here to be captured. About a minut later I knew I had something good to share with you.
Later I noticed that it is indeed a good ol´ all american Schwinn she is riding past the flowers. I think Schwinns photographers could have spent a lot of time getting that logo right in the little opening of the wall of parked bicycles, haha.

Flower Market #2
This stylish young gentleman caught me unprepared, but I just panic-clicked in his direction and got lucky.


lehommeaulevelo said...

I think most People who Cycle in Copenhagen especially the Women,who Heretofore did not know they were Regarded as Cycle Chicks. Certainly know now that Copenhagen is Looked on as the Cycling Capital of the World.

So it behoves them to Look their best at all time's now. They have a Proud Tradition to uphold. They should be banned by Public Ordinance from Riding in a Dowdy Condition whilist on a Bicycle.

There is a Strong Danger now of would be CycleChick Cities around the World catching up on Copenhagen,so the Copenhageners have to look good at all times or otherwise they will Lose the Title.

All Joking aside Great Pictures of Cycle Chick Culture A La Copenhagen.

lagatta à montréal said...

Er, le homme* (?), I think you misread. It is Cycle CHIC, not chick, and chic applies to men as much as to women (see two photos in point) and to people of all ages.

I'm a bit old to be a chick any more (would be rather mutton alertish) but certainly hope I'm chic. I try, at least.

And we want Cycle Chic cities the world over.


An aside, there can't be many Schwinns in Copenhagen. There aren't even many here in Montréal - old bicycles are CCMs, Raleighs, sometimes Peugots, a couple of local Québec firms from the 1970s, Mikado and Vélo Sport... One does see the odd Schwinn from the US but not so many.

*lehommeaulevelo, your webname is not grammatical French, but perhaps that is on purpose? (L'homme au vélo).

lehommeaulevelo said...

Thanks Lagatta a Montreal I will try and correct it. I cant do the Accents Correct either.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Gotta love the panic-click! I am amazed at how often they turn out.

As to that Schwinn- I doubt it is old. It looks like one of their reproductions (which they do quite well).

Colville-Andersen said...

"banned by Public Ordinance from Riding in a Dowdy Condition whilist on a Bicycle"
i just love that...

i don't know why you have passion for capitalised words, L'homme, but I love reading it!

Schwinns are popular at the moment with the trend of cruiser bikes. You rarely see vintage ones, only new.

Kiwehtin said...

How DO you manage to keep your camera on the moving cyclist so they look still and everything else goes into a motion blur? Is it instinct or are the photos you post just the lucky ones that come out right, like soufflés? They *are* wonderful images, though!

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

It is called panning (from "panorama") and it is actually not that hard to do. The most important thing is to know your camera and how to take best advantage of it. The first shot I am across the street looking in the viewfinder while shooting. That is just like shooting a big bird soaring by (no I don´t do hunting ;-)). The second one I am just holding the camera chest-high and following his motion. The hit rate is a lot worse, but it is doable. In both cases (as always) multiple shots were taken; typicly 3 to 6 shots fired whithin a second.

And thanks!

Ciaran BM said...

Brilliant page and great ideas BUT Where are the bicycle helmets in the pictures? They can save a cyclist from being killed or brain damaged in an accident. I know someone who could have been seriously injured in an accident. Their helmet was cracked in to but they were unharmed thanks to their helmet. Tragically there are many people who are not alive and brain damaged who could be alive and well if they had worn a helmet. Helmets can look professional and chic too.