16 April 2009

Obstructed Views

Often a shot can be ruined by stuff unexpectedly getting between your camera and your subject. But I find that an obstructed view can also be very visually rewarding.

Obstructed View #2
Catching some sun through the glass of the bus shelter.

Obstructed View #3
Behind pedestrians waiting at the red light.

Obstructed View #4
Or just hiding behind some of the classic "furniture" of the city.


Amsterdamize said...

My sentiment exactly, Lars, very nice shots. I particularly like this one I took recently, obstructed but at the same time it's not...it shows the most important part :-p

(PS: not my brand, though, just to be clear ;))

Anonymous said...

All beautiful shots! I actually like it better that way, because the randomness catches the instant. The contrast between the faces and the blurred areas (1st pic) is amazing.


steveb said...

hmmm, i dont think there are "obstructed views" - a view is a view - thats what it is - it might not be the view you "want"...but it is the view that you are presented with...

nice job!

lars said...

steveb: Absolutely true. "Obstructed view" is just when you are looking at it wearing the "hat of correctness".

And thanks!

trinsch said...

love the first photo. amazing "obstruction".

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos showing the truly sense of freedom of getting a bycicle ride in a modern and cosmopolitan european capital city. Watching all these pictures, I can really feel the beautiful feeling of freedom and liberty that a simple bycilcle ride can give for those who choose it. This is a just an advice comment for our times and how we've been treating very badly our environment and its precious resources.
This is just a simple tag from a person who lives in a little city of an also european coutry and that shares this connection for our environment

Maria João Duarte, Portugal