26 April 2009

Nothing to Do With Bicycles

Sorry. Allow me a little aside here. This post has nothing to do with bicycles, although we're leaning towards The Slow Bicycle Movement. I spent the first three months this year directing a science tv programme for kids and we had a high speed camera at our disposal. Strangely, a high speed camera takes really slow pictures. 2000 frames per second in these films I've added here.

On our last day of shooting, we all played with the camera. Above, two different balloons are popped over my head.

Then we tried something different. The first balloon we called The Perfect Balloon - like the Perfect Storm - because the bastard didn't break. The second attempt was a success - largely because I put a screw in my mouth.

Just figured I'd add them here, simply because I think they're a laugh and simply because I don't have a Slow Motion Water Balloon Blog. And never will.

Regular programming will resume very shortly.


Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Haha, I love the last one, - the moments where the balloon pops.

And yes, the regular programming was resume very shortly ;-)
(I was writing, while you posted this, Mikael).

Adrienne Johnson said...

Why not have a Slow Motion Water Balloon Blog? I bet you could go places with that : )

Colville-Andersen said...

actually we joked that we should make slow motion porn films and make millions. cum shots in 2000 frames per second... bouncy breasts, etc.

and then i found a website that does just that... damn. there went the fortune.