3 April 2009

Bare Leg Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement
Sorry Mikael, but I could not resist this one as a comment to your previous post.
Actually until I shot this yesterday, I had no idea that we also have police on bicycles.
But yes, it does seem that spring is here!

Addendum: for more police on bicycles, see Copenhagenize.com.


Isaac A. Kojima said...

The Sao Paulo Police uses bike for a long time e always with this outfit.
Picture from my friend blog, Apocalipse Motorizado (need translation?). Folks, feel free to use the pic, since the Creative Commons atributes get respected.

Amsterdamize said...

Yesterday I encountered two of them as well, Lars, but I think I'm more pleased with them being bare skinned on top instead of down below :)

Unknown said...

I really like to see cops on bikes. I think it give the police and the community a better opportunity to get to know one another. In addition, I've found that kids are fascinated by them in that the bikes make the police more approachable.