15 March 2009

Sunshine Which?

Afternoon Light
I can never decide what I like best. Cycling to work in the bright morning sunshine or cycling home in the bright afternoon sunshine. In the morning it's refreshing and a great start to the day. In the afternoon, on the other hand, it's a burst of energy after work.

What do you prefer?
A splash of dapperlicious in the afternoon.

[Note: I have heaps of guest photos - thanks! - in the wings but I just don't have the time to publish them all at the moment, what with real life and full-time work and all that. But I'll get there eventually! Thanks for your patience.]


Otto Cilindri said...

Nighttime. Over 100 degrees in summer, dropping to 85-90 degrees at midnight. Hot as the pits of Hell. It makes me a bit sympathetic with General John Joseph Pershing, "If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas.

anna said...

Lucky you. There's still a lot of rain here, although I do see sunshine (and thunderstorms) when I'm in the office during the day..

Adrienne Johnson said...

Rent out Texas! He he he!! Early morning sun is hopeful and afternoon sun is healing, so it depends on the needs of the day.
Although, if I were to be truly honest, i would have to say I prefer whichever light makes me look 10 years younger and 10 lbs thinner! : )

Anonymous said...

Definitely in the afternoon, because in the morning i'm usualy sleepy despite bright sunhsine :)

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't be different . . . but they are!

So I vote for the morning. It never gets hot here, but I still prefer the cooler brightness of the morning to the slightly warm brightness of the afternoon.

Roger Haus said...

Amazing Blog ^_^
Regards from Barcelona

Dave Feucht said...

I enjoy them both for exactly the same reasons you mentioned - on a bright, sunny morning, I often find myself getting to work and wishing I could just keep riding my bike for hours. I have to say though, when I leave work to a breath of fresh air and bright sun, the effect after having sat in an office all day is rather stunning, in a very good way.

shadytree said...

I'm currently wishing for any light at all for my morning ride...But having said that I definetly prefer afternoon sun:) Greetings from Southern California.

Anonymous said...

After months of riding home in the darkness every evening, I love that the evening sun has returned. But I think morning sun is the best; it seems more pure, somehow.

Anonymous said...

I am crepuscular, but vespertine to be more specific.

I prefer to ride out in the warm, fading
energy, meditative glow of the evening twilight and return in the still of the night.

There is certainly nothing wrong with heading out in the dark of the false dawn and returning when the four horses of Helios haul that big ball of fire, the spy camera of the gods, into the heavens and then running home to hide from it, but that's my change of pace mood.

melanie said...

some cycle chic from paris via the "style from tokyo" blog