30 March 2009

Larry vs Harry Meets Colville

Larry vs Harry & Colville
I figured it was time to get me a Bullitt from Larry vs. Harry here in Copenhagen. Their two-wheeled cargo bikes are a modernized version of the classic Danish Long John and they are making quite a splash around the world.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Long John. My dad used to ride around Copenhagen during the Second World War on one, delivering fruit and vegetables. They are classic cool. I just love the Bullitt, too. It's a different style. Most are sold with low handlebars for leaning into the wind, but I prefer the upright position.

The box is custom-made and is perfect for picking up my kids from school and daycare. There are a number of models to choose from and I opted for the white Milk Plus. I figured it's never too late to look like the Copenhagen bike culture equivalent of a Harlem pimp. :-) Now I just need to enter the National Cargo Bike Championships here in Copenhagen on April 18th.

And when you get a new bike like this one, your friends want to try it out.
Bullitt Theis

With all that said, my Scrap Deluxe from Velorbis ain't going nowhere. It's my daily bicycle for looking dapper in the urban landscape.
My Bike
And you won't convince Wifealiciousness to give hers up, either.
Velorbis Scrap Deluxe [Feat. Wifealiciousness]


álvaro said...

that is one cool bakfiets! Nice, I love it.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

I suspect that riding the "Bullet" beats the crap out of riding a three-wheeler. How practical they may be, it is hard to be a fan of how it is to ride them.

Denis said...

This is a great and really useful purchase, Mikael. Practical, stylish and amazing..
It`s pity to know that our streets completely unacceptable for such a machine..

Have a nice ride!

Anonymous said...

Borderline jealous here!

Martin, Melbourne Sweden

Adrienne Johnson said...

We just built a cargo bike that has turned out very well, but I think your Bullit is a bit... pimpier (?) than ours : )

Did you sell the old cargo set up?

Anonymous said...

Your wife (?) looks lovely.


Colville-Andersen said...

Definately 'pimpier'... :-) the 'old' cargo setup, which is only 6 months old, is for sale online here in Denmark. shouldn't be hard to get rid of.

Unknown said...

The way things go, next thing you will buy is a fixie! :-)
And you are just fueling up my fire to get myself a JPS model!
You've bee a bad boy , Mikael...

kiwehtin said...

(jealous sigh...)

DrMekon said...

I'd be interested to hear why you chose that versus say the Gazelle Cabby, De Fietsfabriek 995, or the Bakfiets.nl cargobike. From where I am standing, all three seem more developed in terms of child transportation, with available mountings for various child seats, and with off the shelf rain covers available for each.

It's great that more versions of this type of bike are available.

Colville-Andersen said...

I chose it, quite simply, because it's a Danish brand and this is, quite simply, the spiritual home of cargo bikes.

There are roughly 25,000-30,000 cargo bikes on the streets of Copenhagen. Around 12 different Danish brands compete for the market. Most bikes are used for child transport, so I doubt very much there is any difference between the accessories available in Holland and Denmark.

I've heard about these Dutch brands, but you don't see them very often here and I wouldn't even know where to buy them.

Colville-Andersen said...

Forget this: I chose it because it's lightweight - 24 kg without the box - and it's the coolest two-wheeler cargo bike I know. Longjohns are classics and Christiania Bikes have a new two-wheeler, too, but this bike fits my style.

And my kids love it.

lisa said...

i don't think you can get a rain cover for the bullitt, do you know if other brands might fit, or could be made to fit??
i'm keen to get one, but sydney is rainy and my littlun too small to hold his own umbrella

Colville-Andersen said...

Larry vs Harry now have rain covers for their bullitts.