21 March 2009

Japanese Cycle Chic by Stephen Crawford

Here are the first couple of photos in what we hope will be a running series here on Cycle Chic. Stephen Crawford photographs in Japan and his shots are quite brilliant. Stephen and Cycle Chic have teamed up for a running series about Japanese Cycle Chic.

What a cracking shot to begin with. Winter cycle chic in Japan.

And this dapper chappie would liven up any street on which he walked, let alone the one in the shot.

See more of our Japanese Cycle Chic collection here.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Super cool! I love seeing the many variations on the theme. Kinda unifying!

Anonymous said...

I Looooooooooove it : )

Anonymous said...

I Looooooooooove it : )

Anonymous said...

cool chic!

Gratistotal said...

cycle chic around the world!