7 March 2009

From Bergen to Poland via Austin and Vancouver

The Norwegian singer Silje Nes, from Bergen, has a wonderful press photo. Cycle Chic to the max, even though 'to the max' is a mad retro expression. Check out Silje's Myspace. Even though Myspace is rather last century, Silje is definately now.

Cracking delicious funkaliciousness from, believe it or not, Austin, Texas. From a travel article in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

As ever, you've seen it here first. Coming soon to other blogs near you. Thanks to one Norwegian, Per, who wrote about Silje in Dagens Næringsliv and another Norwegian, Morten, for the Austin photo. Morten is the head of the Icelandic Cyclists Federation.

Here's a shop window for a Canadian clothing company Le Chateau, as seen in Vancouver by Lisa:

A little splash of Cycle Chic on the West Coast of Canada. Every little bit helps towards normalizing urban cycling.

And on the booming Polish Cycle Chic front, Lodz Cycle Chic have a correspondant in Copenhagen at the moment. Check out the Lodz angle on Copenhagen Cycle Chic here. And a warm Cycle Chic welcome to another blossom on the Cycle Chic flower - Wroclaw Bicycle Chic. We're blowing you kisses across the Baltic Sea.

Add Wroclaw to Warsaw Cycle Chic and Krakow Cycle Chic.

Boy, do I ever need to set up a Cycle Chic blogger conference. Not so much chat, just a lot of good wine, cocktails and dancing. What a party that would be. Marc from Amsterdamize will foot the bill.


Alec said...

The bike shown in the window of the store "Le Château" in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, is the new Urbanista of Opus: the Cervin.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to host the conference on my front porch in Flagstaff. It's large enough for a conference, and wine and cheese taste especially good out there. Flagstaff, being a mountain sports kind of town, is a bit challenged in the chic department, although NorthFace and Patagonia are merging style and utility quite well these days.

MELI. said...

mmmh 'believe it or not Austin?'
a surprise to even many of my fellow peers, but Austin is a great city, good bike culture, good coffee and a super music scene asides their huge festivals (Austin City Limits and SouthBySouthwest).
As a Californian I love Texas, well the capital at least... Austin has been great when I've visited people are super cool and there's more bicycle culture than people might think. Hook'em horns <3

great global set ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't help but return to that 'going Dutch' and other related myths you exploited some time ago...if I didn't know any better I'd think most Danish(/British) peeps are leechers :-p.

Tell you what, if enough people are interested and willing to travel to Amsterdam, I'll set it up. Sponsorship, venue, drinks. No, really. I've done it before, never for bike nutters, should be even more fun :)

Anonymous said...

@Marc/Amsterdamize: Do it. Do it do it do it. I'd come, even if I have to cycle there from Scotland

Anonymous said...

Withhold your surprise about Austin. I just got back from vacation there. Austin is NOT Texas (though many Austinites still love Texas). Austin is a progressive haven, with tons of bike shops, great streets and friendly attitudes. They have decent public transportation and lots of exclusively vegetarian or vegan restaurants.

just a friend said...

fork is bent

Colville-Andersen said...

if it rolls, who cares?

just a friend said...

wow...prone to fail??? Brothers keeper....hello??

Decaffeinated Mommy said...

I know I'm late coming in on this, but, as a Texan, I have to make a comment on the assumption of what Texas is like. Yes, Austin different from rural Texas, just like I am sure rural areas in Europe are different than their Cosmopolitan centers. Texans, in general, are very friendly and warmly welcome newcomers: whether newly immigrated or just visiting. The majority of us have a daring "I'll-try-anything-once" attitude and defiantly insist on our own style. "Stylish" or not :p Granted, there are always Stick-in-the-muds who usually are the ones that get all the attention. Bike culture is VERY big in Austin (Um, can any body say "Lance Armstrong"?) and it is spreading out all over as many Austinites(and other like-minded) move out to find more economical places to live. There is a man in our VERY rural/agricultural city that rides his recumbent to work every day, even in the un-Godly 100+ deg. F. heat. When I look at pictures on this site from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Spain, ect., I see my younger sister's style, my mom, friends, my husband. If it didn't get so hot, we would be running around in wool hats and cute coats. But, between long distances and the heat, it is very impractical to commute to work UNLESS you live some place like Austin or San Antonio. Sorry, that turned into quit a monologue there, but I wanted to paint the whole picture for you :P Good work on the blog, it is a wonderful visual vacation!