19 March 2009

Cycle Wave #172

The rush hours of the mornings and afternoons are an organic wavy affair. In many places in the city the traffic lights divide the tsunami of bicycles into lovely waves so that if you stand, for example, on this bridge in the morning, you'll see a cluster of cyclists cycling past - brief pause - cluster of cyclists cycling past - brief pause... and so on.
Copenhagen Cyclists
A shot of the same Cycle Wave #172, which has advanced further along. A fine portrait of some of our cycling citizens in the morning light.
Bridge People
A while later, Cycle Wave #210 moves elegantly and effortlessly over the bridge.

Strangely, the Nordic sunshine of early spring acts as a tailwind, even when you're cycling into it.

And here's a fitting quote, sent by a reader:

"There are standards of fabulosity that must be maintained" - Kimora Lee Simmons


anna said...

Lovely shots! I must be so relaxing to cycle with so many people every day :-).

Anonymous said...

I bet they're Poisson distributed :)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does there seem to be an alarming number of mountain bikes in many of the pictures these days? Is this a fad?

Mountain bikes were the cats meow in the States for many years, but they are finally starting to lose ground. The used bike market is flooded with mountain bike...they are the absolute worst bikes for urban riding. For trails and mountains they work great :)

Don't give up on those beautiful European city bikes! They are perfection.

Colville-Andersen said...

mountain bikes are very rare. they were popular for about three weeks back in 1997. i think you're seeing what we call city bikes. straight handlebars. nothing mountainy about them. :-) not to worry. we're keeping the style straight with normal bikes.