31 March 2009

Best Cities For Men to Live In

Chicago Cycle Chic
Now roughly half of our readers are female, but that also means the other half aren't so here's a new list from the massive Askmen.com website about the Top 29 Best Cities for Men to Live In.

We're featuring a guest photo from Chicago, from Kimberly, at the top so there's a clue as to which city was voted number 1.

The list was compiled was Askmen.com editors and they selected Chicago as the most inhabitable city in the world for the everyday man. Selection criteria for the top cities included the rate of employment, ratio of single women to men, frequency of cultural activities and sporting events and the cost of a pint of beer.

The “Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In” results were determined through seven unique rating categories including: Dating & Sex, Sports & Entertainment, Culture, Fashion, Health, Power & Money and The Good Life. Cities earned points and elevated their rank on the list through an evaluation process that assessed several influential features, such as: the population of single, college-educated women, how late bars/clubs stay open, the presence of a reputable menswear-only store, the rate of male heart disease, the cost of living and the occurrence of an annual international arts festival.

All we can say is that the editors didn't spend enough time in Copenhagen. This fair city features at #9. Oh well, we seem to do fine in other lists.

The complete list of AskMen.com’s “Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In” includes:

1. Chicago
2. Barcelona
3. San Francisco
4. London
5. Sydney
6. New York
7. Berlin
8. Hong Kong
9. Copenhagen
10. Paris

Visit their website for the rest of the list.

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Copenhagen: number 1 in our hearts.
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Frank said...

Toronto didn't even make the top 10. I'm not surprised. We (the men) are truly starving for beauty here.

Btw, the link isn't working.

Hey, if I was a judge, I would have put Copenhagen way up there. :)

kiwehtin said...

That last picture is nice: bikes cast the most intriguing shadows.

As for the "women" criterion, sure it works for most men but not all. I'd say there are many men who would be more than attracted to a place with a particularly high percentage of unattached males...

lagatta à montréal said...

Kiwehtin, that would only work if the other men were also inclined that way - and Barcelona + San Francisco, well-known gay-friendly cities, were no. 2 and no. 3!

And as far as I know, most of the cities cited are relatively gay-friendly.

I'm a heterosexual woman, but would never want to live anywhere that wasn't welcoming to LGBT people.

Franje, we made the list in Montréal, but we are only number 20. And their stats are screwy: "Not only are the women beautiful, but almost half of them are single" - thing is, we are the world champions of non-married cohabitation, so "single" may not mean "available".

I like Montréal, but I'd prefer to be somewhere a bit warmer. We are remarkably cycle-chic-friendly though.

Scott said...

I guess a cycling rate of 1% isn't enough to keep you out of the top spot.

Gratistotal said...

why madrid is not in this list?

Nick said...

Chicago has one of the largest, densest, and happiest gay male populations in the world.

Also, these college-educated single women that they mention - anyone want to tell me where they actually are in Chicago? I don't believe that; they're all attached to someone else.

Adrienne Johnson said...

SF is #3 because we have something for every taste. EVERY taste. You name it, it is here and most likely has a store that sells stuff to support it : )

Denis said...

I would vote for Copenhagen\Amsterdam in one aspect and for SF in another. In any case, I`m surprised by the fact that Chicago occupies the first place. To my opinion, European cities are more interesting, comfortable and funny. As for SF, -some of my friends noted that SF is not US :-) .. It`s like Moscow is not Russia .. :-) ...

The list is quite interesting

Scott said...

I do love living in Chicago and will probably never leave. That is, unless I marry a lady with EU citizenship and move to Copenhagen.