14 February 2009

We Heart You All

I Heart Copenhagen
It's Valentine's Day, apparently. Quite possibly the lamest of all these commercial holidays. If you love someone, you let them know when the sensation arises, not on a day selected and planned by people you don't know, or love, and who would like to earn money from your bad conscience. But what the hell, here's a heart for you from us at Cycle Chic. :-)

Oh, and be sure to check out the lovely Bicycle Poem over at my mate's blog - The Lazy Randonneur


Ada Rosman said...

what an interesting bike seat! :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

I have a pattern to crochet a seat cover that looks like that. Maybe I'll make it.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

I don't even have a bike but I need. this. saddle.

Vik said...

Thanks for letting me use one of your lovely images brother...=-)