14 February 2009

New York Dane - Cycle Chic NYC

Ane Trolle in New York City
Photo © Copenhagen Cycle Chic / Theis Mortensen

A lovely shot of the Danish singer Ane Trolle in New York City. Cool girl on a cool bike. Ane sings in Ja' Confetti and she has feat. on Trentemøller tracks, too.

My mate Theis took this photo of her in New York City. Theis is a cinematographer and we're currently shooting 22 episodes of a science programme for kids called Volt [premiere in Denmark this Sunday on TV2 at 09:25 if you have kids between 6-10 years old!!], which is why I haven't had time to reply to all your lovely comments as of late.

This quote was posted in my Slow Bicycle Movement Facebook group. Quite brilliant and quite an apt description of Copenhagen and Cycle Chic, as well:

"The secret of riding a bicycle as an adult is to pedal just hard enough to keep the machine upright, then to increase speed very gradually, but without becoming too breathless to hold a conversation or hum a tune."

From The Discovery of France by Graeme Robb.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Mixte!! That is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I actually never heard of Ane Trolle before but she certainly does look effortlessly stylish and fun.

Seeing a celebrity get around Manhattan by bicycle is so refreshing. Usually, they're always clogging up the streets in their massive black Cadillac Escalade SUVs.

Way to go Ane! I think I've just become a fan.

Anonymous said...

Cool TV show! Was that you who ended up doing the dishes?

If you ever need animations of atoms and molecules, I might be able to help: http://propka.ki.ku.dk/~jhjensen/test2.html


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks! yep, that was me who got suckered by the kid... :-) we've been using people we know in the programme so make it easier, and cheaper... :-)

Ralph said...

Not only is the bike cool...but Anne is hot! The blue shoes make the photo, especially with the brilliant orange smock shirt and black capri pants.